For innovative solutions in the field of Circular Economy and Green Technologies



    An industrial research and experimental development project the aim of which is to identify innovative technologies for the Plastic to Fuel sector.


LIFENERGY is a company that works with clean technology and implements industrial R&D projects based on the circular economy and on green technologies, working also together with locally, nationally and internationally renowned research institutes.

It is the primary Plastic-to-Fuel industry to produce non-recyclable plastic, a fuel that complies with the relevant standards and is suitable for non-motor use, and is therefore presented in the Provincia Autonoma di Trento by FIRMIN S.r.l. (company, presents the industrial set of Lavis, in 1978). Thus was born LIFENERGY ITALIA S.r.l. which, with the collaboration of the Bruno Kessler Foundation and the CINSA Consortium, has created the first industrial-scale plant for the reconversion of 5,000 tons/year of non-recyclable plastic into fuel oil also suitable for transport with a yield close to 90%.

The consequent production establishment allows us to reach levels of absolute importance at a national level and beyond. “The attractiveness of Trentino and the synergies with partners were the basic factors that led us to make this investment within our territory rich in technical skills”, declared Minzocchi Nicola, Owner, together with his family, of FIRMIN and his CEO Finally the engineer. Maurizio Azzolini, CEO of Lifenergy Italia, highlights the foresight of entrepreneurs who know how to propose solutions aimed at business but also at the progressive restoration of an environment that is currently in constant degradation.

The project, that features technological innovation, will be developed through an industrial scale process that will be a first for Italy, based on the construction of a facility capable of processing over 30,000 t/year of plastic to produce over 28 million litres of diesel fuel.

This project, characterized by technological innovation, is important with a process on its innovative industrial scale in Italy. Lifenergy Italia may present its new products in location in the Italian territory, directly and in partnership with any company.

We have a dream that is coming true:

the construction of an industrial plant capable of achieving zero residue.”